Murder Mysteries

The Pierrot Players do the occasional Murder Mystery mainly for charitable events, if you are interested about them please email us using the address on the ABOUT US page.





Prior to starting your meal, the suspects will mingle around and introduce themselves. Following this, the opening scene will be performed - introducing you to all of the characters. During the course of the night, the police will bring written evidence to your table to help you solve the murder.

One or other of the suspects may sit with you as you eat - please feel free to question the suspects about anything: the evidence received; what they think about another suspect etc. Between courses, watch out for scenes between the suspects. These may provide vital evidence - perhaps a suspect may let slip something he/she shouldn't in the heat of an argument.

Suspects will circulate around the room during the courses and may come to your table - you may also ask to talk to a particular suspect. Please take these opportunities to question them. Don't forget, though, that any of the suspects might have something to hide and so may not tell you the truth! It's up to you to decide what is fact and what is fiction.


If you are interested then please contact:



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